Press Releases


The fundamental principles and benefits of the press release still stand firm despite its progression into the electronic world. It's important not to get waylaid into thinking that you always need bells and whistles to achieve engagement with new and existing clients. We are bombarded every single day with hundreds of sales messages. From the ad boards as you walk down the street, to posters on the side of the bus and even the fuel pumps as you fill your car. It seems that every way you turn, you're faced with someone trying to sell you something. But because of that flooding, we end up ignoring them; they simply blend into the background. Think about it, what is the ad board you pass everyday currently promoting? Yep, same as us, we couldn't remember either! So, an approach such as the press release which doesn't and indeed shouldn't sell but instead informs and educates can seem like a breath of fresh air.

The electronic press release makes it so easy for people to do that. But the copy needs to be right; it requires clarity and precision, which only knowledge and experience can achieve. That's why we focus on helping other businesses to design and circulate highly effective press releases. But had you considered that there are some pretty significant secondary benefits to using press releases? For starters, you can only produce a press release if you have inside knowledge of the sector. And you can only get the knowledge if you understand the industry to begin with. So now you are writing from a position of authority, and potential clients look for that. They have choices. Do they buy a service or product from someone who has no idea about what they're selling, or do they go to someone who can demonstrate that they understand it? You're now already one step ahead of your competitors. If you're looking to achieve search engine optimisation, then a press release can be an essential tool within your strategy.